Committee membership 2021/2022.

Youth –     Anita Wood (C), John Hasan, Peter Manders, Sandra Bucovaz, Gavan McIntrye.

Current projects

Rotary Club of Wandin – Youth Activities

Our Club’s program of Youth activities is designed to foster a spirit of community service, to develop leadership skills, and to support disadvantaged and homeless youth and those with other needs. Our current program includes the following activities:

  • Junior Citizenship awards are made at seven local Primary Schools to recognise students in year 6 who exhibit community service either within the school or their local area communities.
  • An EarlyAct Club is being formed at a local Primary School for year 6 students to teach students how to run a club and undertake local and international service projects using the principles of a Rotary Club.
  • Two students, typically year 9, are sponsored to attend Camp Awakenings which is a 2 ½ day residential program to teach self motivation and self confidence

  • Two students, typically 14-17 year olds, are sponsored to attend the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment which is a weekend residential program designed for young people who want to develop their potential and leadership skills.
  • Two young persons, typically in their early 20’s, are sponsored to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award. This is a 6 day residential program of leadership training. One attendee each year is the winner of a Year 12 Rotary Leadership Prize awarded to a local Secondary School student.
  • Homeless youth are supported by our ongoing financial support to Holy Fools, a Lilydale organisation that works with the homeless in our area.
  • Our Club contracts with Tasty Az to cater for our club meetings each week, and in so doing supports an organisation that employs disadvantaged youth and trains them in catering.
  • We sponsor 4 year 10 students to attend the Science Experience which is a 2-4 day program at a University to expose them to, and enhance their interest in, Science.
  • We sponsor a local secondary school to send their year 11 students to the Rotary Youth Driving Awareness program, which is a one day program to prepare young people to be responsible car drivers/passengers.
  • We assist a number of local Primary Schools fund raising activities by facilitating their involvement in the Great Community Raffle. All the proceeds of selling the raffle tickets goes to the relevant school.
  • We sponsor 4 disadvantaged youths to attend a Community School, Cire, that allows the students to complete curriculum at their own pace rather than in a school year. We are also mentoring the students and seeking other ways to support the students.
  • We hope to sponsor a secondary student to attend the Australian New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science (ANZAAS) program to develop an interest in science.
  • We support Wheelchairs for Kids, with a Club member playing a leadership role in Victoria for this program and the Club supports this program financially from time to time.

All the information about the Youth Programs is available on the District 9810 Youth Services web site